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Even if you don’t think you’ve seen Butta Nutt before, chances are you have. He’s the man (along with a partner) behind the viral “frot” video that has taken social media by storm (“frotting” is the act of rubbing bodies and/or dicks together and experiencing pleasure without penetration). At the time of this writing, the video has 1.4 million views on Twitter alone, and has been reposted on numerous other platforms.

Fit body and large dick aside, Butta Nutt’s appeal is his relationship with intimacy and his ability to bring passion into every scene. This makes even his solo scenes events that are impossible to look away from, and has earned him the nickname Frot King. Butta Nutt values masturbation, mutual masturbation, frotting, and edging, just as much as he values full-on penetrative sex, and if you’re looking for a little more feeling and connection in porn, with Butta Nutt, you’ve found your guy.

Working with Black Rayne

Even with the title, this scene wastes no time trying to make us guess what it might be like: it centers pleasure, and intimacy. Very few adult films take time to focus on intimacy (that thing that happens between people when they’re tapped into the same plane), instead, choosing to feature on the “rough”, “kinky”, even if pleasurable side of sex. Butta Nutt and Monroe B Arched dare to do more, giving us a look into what intimacy looks like between them, and in turn, sharing with us an experience we won’t forget.

Butta Nutt, who is known as the Frotting King, sets the tone by being verbal: letting Monroe B Arched know what feels good and when it feels really good, with moans (and even kisses). True to his name, Monroe B Arched uses his body to communicate when he’s reached ecstasy (that back seems to arch more and more with every stroke). Telling you everything here would rob you of the chance to experience this scene the way these two stars meant for you to see it, so have a look for yourself.

Butta Nutt (Hot or Not?)
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The #FrotKing

The #StrokeKing

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