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Ricco Blac has a story to tell; and if you know Ricco Blac, you’re probably thinking that  it’s likely not the kind of story you’d want your grandma to hear. And you’d be correct. Ricco Blac’s story is one of horned up revenge…a sort of crime of passion. Hear him tell about the day he shamelessly fucked Vers Couple just as a payback to Chino Blac, for having fun without him, and watch how hard he long-dicked them. Here, the lesson punishment feels more like a reward: when someone fucks Ricco Blac over, we end up getting to watch him fuck. Tap in to watch Rico Blac get his “revenge”. Author: Free Boy Finally

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The Big Dick Phat Booty Verse Couple is Bacck!

Why do the skinny boys have ALL the dick!? LOL. In a time of clout-chasers and hypervisibility, VerseCouple have chosen anonymity and mystery. They’re young, fine AF, big-dicked, and from texas―that’s pretty much all we know about them. And that’s how they want it.

The couple is known for their now-iconic face masks, then tall slender bodies, and their endurance in the bedroom (they can fuck for hours). Their Twitter (@versecouple) bio boldly states: “Gotta be our size or bigger to ride”, and even if you don’t know their exact measurements, a quick look at their videos will let you know that not many can hang next to them or under them.

Its the booty farting sounds for me…
Long strong dick fucks a big dick vers hole

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