Nutt After Nutt After Nutt @_quaiquai @Drummerboi___

Photoshoot gone awry

I’ve done a lot of photoshoots and video shoots for the breed, but the chemistry between the two was organic and raw. Drummer Boi is a shorty standing at about 5’6 but with a dick that weighs just about as much as he does lol.

Whats for Dinner?

Mouth to dick then ass to mouth, a fitting exchange for two young freaks. Backed up isn’t the word for these two. Quai spit out two big creamy nutts and Drummer Boi lets loose 3 energy draining nutt.

See them in a lil action below.

The session…in PICTURES.

how deep is it? lemme see…
from the back…lick the hole and the balls
kiss the head and squeeze it tight
ass crack to dick tip. yum!
getting close…lick them balls and wet em up.
This is how you take nutt straight to the head! – OPEN WIDE!
Here goes nutt #1
Now its Quai’s turn to taste some salty nutt

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