Montanaa Fucks Em All @rawcitytwinks @weed_money92 #MOTB

New from RCT…Big Montanaa is back! This 2 part video starts as a threesome and ends up as 2 seperate sessions. Newcummer Titan wasnt ready for the big meat being slang at him. So after a quick and dominant beatdown, Titan bows out for a moment. Meanwhile, KashDaddyDre still has a wet and hungry hole….

Found Out – RawCityTwinks Fuckin Hard. @DashRobbie @kaptainliteskin

It was supposed to be last minute studying for the big exam…but when Kyd Foster got a phone call, Robbie Dash got nosey and discovered a rainbow dildo sticking out of Kyd’s book bag. A SHOCK! Baffled! Robbie never knew his study buddy was a straight up freak! Kyd, embarrassed and speechless tried to clean…